Who, what, when, where, why and how?


Hello, we're two2three2four, and we want all Tiddlypeeps, otherwise known as two to four year olds, to be healthy. From now until the end of time (hopefully), we're going to create drinks, snacks and dishes that Tiddlypeeps will love and Mums and Dads will trust (and maybe even have a cheeky slurp or taste of every now and again when their Tiddlypeeps aren't looking!).



We're here because we want to create positive food messages to empower Mums and Dads and reduce childhood obesity and the other nasty things that obesity can cause in childhood and later in life.

Why two2three2four?

No rocket science

We provide Tiddlypeeps and their Mums and Dads with products and information, dedicated to them; that are part of a healthy, balanced diet.


We offer an alternative to high calorie, sugar, salt or fatty products and, at the same time, have fun talking with and listening to Mums and Dads.

Business to Business

Two2three2four want to work with you because we know that good partnerships are made by fantastic people working together towards a positive goal.

Strong foundations

Much like our view on Tiddlypeeps, we want to get things right from day one and lay the foundations for a strong, unique and trustworthy brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

We provide Tiddlypeeps, aged between two and four, and their mums and dads with products and information, dedicated to them; that are part of a healthy, balanced diet.

What ages are your products aimed at?

From two, to three to four year olds (Tiddlypeeps).

What's WUBL?

It’s our brand specially created for Tiddlypeeps, with health and wellbeing in mind. If you see WUBL on anything you’ll know that it’s us.

What's WUBL world?

This place, many many billions of light years away from Earth, is a place that is the home of the WUBLs.

Tiddlypeeps can visit WUBL World anytime using a tablet, smartphone or laptop and follow the adventures of our WUBL Family: UGL, WUGL, PLUP, PLIP and GLOP.

There will be lots of engaging and fun things for your Tiddlypeeps to do on WUBL World and for Mums and Dads there is a dedicated page, providing health and wellbeing messages and a forum to join in the conversation with other parents. You can also tell two2three2four how we can make your lives easier as Mums and Dads.